P is for Prequels and Sequels

True story. Sarah and Giovanni’s tale started off as a contemporary romance that, based on the sketchy story I originally had, wasn’t going to be very long.

Then I added a historical setting.

I had considered just moving my intrepid couple to another period in history and making them fall in love in a tavern rather than a cafe. But it didn’t feel right. They were too modern. I stomped my foot and pouted. I wanted the best of both worlds.

And that’s when it hit me. Time travel. Of course.

Now I find myself with a whole series. What’s interesting, though, is that I know there are authors out there who write stand-alone novels. One and done. Even though I started off the way I did, I can’t remotely imagine The Journeymen as a one and done stand-alone. Now I have sequels. And even worse, prequels.

It seems that every time I come up with a new idea, it finds its way into what I’m now calling The Journeyman Franchise.

I have always wanted to write about the evacuation of Saigon, which I learned about because my husband was a freshly minted sailor on the USS Midway when it happened. I’m a medievalist, mind you, but I think this would be a fascinating study. My story wasn’t going to have time travel. It would just be a love story about a Navy pilot and a missionary girl.

And yet, wouldn’t it be perfect if they were Journeymen?

The creation has become the monster that has consumed my very being.

Should I be concerned about this? That I can’t seem to escape this… this… franchise? That I bring everything back around to The Journeymen? That I’m, dare I say, obsessed?

Probably. But I’m going to say no. It’s all good. It just means that I’m focused, right? Or, you could say I’m writing my own fan fiction. I’m all about skipping the middle man.

Just so you know, these are the stories I’d like to write:

  • Five novels telling Sarah and Giovanni’s story
  • A sequel telling the story of Matt, Giovanni’s cousin
  • A prequel telling the story of Sarah’s parents, Tina and Doug
  • A novella set in Vietnam telling the story of Cassie and Richard, who are parents of a couple of Sarah’s friends
  • A young adult novella about Emilia, whom we meet in the first book in 1578

Yeah, so stay with me and see if I can actually do this — it’ll be fun!



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3 responses to “P is for Prequels and Sequels

  1. So exciting! I love time travel. Looking forward to getting to know your worlds.


  2. so much creativity and delicious opportunities to hop along the time line- yum..and yes, what a difference- cafe/tavern




  3. I hope you get a chance to write your books. I love reading historical fiction! Visiting from atoz


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