R is for Role Play

I’m a nerd.

Now that we’ve established that, you should understand when I say I love playing in virtual worlds. These are online programs like Second Life and InWorldz. They aren’t really games, per se. They’re more like social chat rooms with graphics. Lots of graphics. Think Minecraft for adults.

Role Play ShotBesides building anything your mind can imagine, virtual worlds are wonderful places to do role play, since you can build a physical world that looks however you want. Then you can create a beautiful person to put into that world. Then you can type out whatever you want that character to do.

Being a fast typist helps.

A couple friends and I developed a Medieval role play world in Second Life. We invited people to play on our sim (our virtual island), which we laid out with a tavern, church, houses and a big honking castle. Then we asked them to develop a fictional character and come interact in a plausibly historically authentic manner. We didn’t reenact any particular place or time, just vaguely Medieval.


Breila Jenvieve (me…)

If you’re a writer, you should already get the idea of what a magnificent character development sandbox this is.

I have been more than a little tempted to go back and set something up and work with other writers in a world similar to their novels. This is especially helpful if you need to work on dialogue, whether interacting with other characters, or internal dialogue when you’re sharing thoughts and feelings without being too detailed and giving away too much information during any particular interaction.

This writing workshop virtual role play sandbox is a dream of mine that I’d love to do in InWorldz. I prefer IWz to Second Life because it is more flexible and more welcoming to creative people. Second Life is kind of a big, crowded, expensive mess.

I’d love to hear from you if this is something you might be interested in, or if you have questions. Or if you just want to hang out in a virtual world.




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3 responses to “R is for Role Play

  1. What an amazing idea. I would be interested in this .


  2. My, that does sound like a wonderful resource!

    Debs Carey


  3. Siv

    Yes! I would totally love to do this. Only problem is that I don’t really need more procrastination tools…
    Whne I was younger I did a lot of table-RP’s and some live events as well. Nowadays I keep to text (mail or forum posts) RP’s, mainly to flesh out characters in my writing.
    I’ve heard of Second Life, but never tried it. IWz is completely new to me.


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