T is for Tardy

Yes, I know it’s the last day of April. Yes, I also know that I skipped T and went right to U. Yes, I know there are letters after U.

Okay, well, my first foray into the blogosphere ended with a bit of a stumble. But I can explain!

This past week, I have been hustling at work, trying to prepare my students for an end-of-course state STAAR test in U.S. History this coming Monday. It’s quite a challenging test, and I want my students to succeed. I teach at an alternative high school, and my students, for one reason or another, have struggled at the traditional high school. They all have stories to tell about that, and we learn their stories and try to help them graduate.

So T is for Teaching. And a Test. A big one.

One thing I’ve learned as a writer is about forgiving myself. This is a hobby, something I love to do, and I move a lot of my life around to make it happen. But there are things in life I can’t move. Like test dates. Kids who need me. And a tired body.

T is definitely for Tired.

Okay, I’ll stop that T-is-for stuff now.

But anyway, I take writing very seriously, much more than a “casual hobbyist” should.

Self-forgiveness, however, means that sometimes I get to the end of the month before I hit 25,000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo. And sometimes it means I’m writing T blogs on April 30th.

I haven’t failed. I’ve written 20+ more blogs this month than I ever have in my natural life. And I’ve written lots of words, started my second novel, worked on editing my first, and joined a writing workshop, all in the month before my students take their U.S. History STAAR test. Oh, and I bought a FitBit, which yells at me about my health, too, and I obey.

So, yeah. Not bad at all.

Yes, lay out the ambitious goals, push harder, do more. And listen to your body, and be there for your family and students/colleagues/whomever. Do what you can, celebrate what you achieve.

Because something’s better than nothing. And late is better than never.



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2 responses to “T is for Tardy

  1. randommusings29

    If you enjoyed the challenge, you didn’t fail – it’s meant to be fun!


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