Top Ten Things I’m Thinking About On My 50th Birthday

I’m 50 today. No, I’m okay, it’s good. It’s a nice number. So after teaching summer school and goofing off on social media, I have a few things on my mind:

  • It’s very, very difficult to choose between prime rib, pizza, gyros, and crab legs. Really… really difficult. Part of my birthday gift should be that someone else picks.

  • I will not demand the right to have a midlife crisis and put pink highlights in my hair. I will ask my husband and expect him to say no and make faces. Why do I need his permission? Because I love him, that’s why. But I reserve the right to badger him until he confesses that he doesn’t really care.

  • When we discuss issues and you devolve into ad hominem attacks, you lose. You lose the argument and you lose credibility. Maybe you lose at life, but I don’t want to get personal here.
  • Sometimes the things we are most passionate about in life sort of sneak up on us later, or evolve from the things you thought were passions, but didn’t quite work out. Just because a girl turns fifty doesn’t mean she shouldn’t keep seeking and feeling that passion. Evolving is fun! It makes letting go of things much easier.
  • Being a Christian doesn’t make me bigoted, narrow minded, ignorant, or homophobic. It doesn’t make me a sparkling snowflake either. It just means that I acknowledge something higher than myself. His name is Jesus. He’s awesome. He makes me want to be a better person.
  • We don’t live in a Christian nation. We live in a nation full of individuals who have free wills, and God calls us to love them. All of them. Even the ones who annoy us. This is not easy. See the next point.
  • Now and then, you’ll have friends with whom you don’t necessarily agree about issues, and yet you can have a civil, mutual discussion and learn a lot from each other. Except that only happens once every 93,926 years. Don’t let that friend lull you into a false sense of civility. Most people are exasperating and will make you feel like pond scum for disagreeing with them. Consider your blood pressure. Let it go… let it go…

  • It is perfectly acceptable to play Pokemon Go at age 50. Also to put pink highlights in your hair and get fairies painted on your face. And sing Let It Go loudly. Because fairies. And pink. And Disney. And happiness that is not remotely based on my chronological age or, indeed, anything else of substance.
  • Coffee. Just kidding. I’m so glad I made it to fifty. I like it here! Let’s dance on to sixty, shall we? And let’s get some coffee, though, for real.

And the #1 thing I’m thinking about today:

  • When my family asks what I want for my birthday, I can’t think of a single thing, except being with them. (And that amazing book that Amazon just delivered.) Woot! Happy Birthday, me!


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  1. Really good to read this. Very refreshing.


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