NaNo Journal, Day 2

I’m finding there’s a certain skill involved in writing a sequel. Early in the story, I have to inform, or at least remind, the reader of events that happened in the previous novel. This is not into a standalone novel–you really need to read Shadow of the Portico before you read La Dotta.

One of the early scenes in this novel, one I wrote today, describes an event at the close of Shadow from Sarah’s point of view. It’s tricky to find the balance between saying in a television announcer voice, “Previously, on The Journeymen…” and actually telling and continuing a story that readers may be familiar with.

It was hard to write. It made me sad, nearly brought me to tears. Maybe I’m a little too attached to the make-believe people in my head.

Anyway, today’s Journeyman Journal is brought to you buy Roxette and her uncertain feelings about what may or may not have been love… but whatever it was, it’s over now.


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  1. I love you are doing a NaNo Journal. I can’t wait to see how much you and your writing grow over the next 28 days.


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