NaNoWriMo Journal, Day 1

Yeah, I don’t know if I’m really going to do a daily journal for National Novel Writing Month. But I can try… right?

I’ll be writing book two in the series this month. It’s called La Dotta, and it focuses on Sarah from the first novel, and the aftermath of her failed romance with Giovanni.

Sarah has a fresh PhD and a brilliant mind… and a stutter. That makes it hard for her to become a professor, and she’s not sure what else to do with her life. So as she takes a job as a barista, and she’s feeling quite discouraged.

Since music often informs my writing, this is the song that I have in mind while writing about Sarah’s seemingly hopeless situation. I picture it coming from the point of view of Giovanni, even though he’s not with her anymore. Thank you, Gotye, for knowing Sarah so well you wrote a song about her. (By the way, Gotye reminds me a bit of Giovanni. He’s part of the amalgamation of men who inspired the picture I have in my mind as I write him.) Oh, and this video is just plain awesome.


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