NaNo Journal, Day 3

There’s a trick to writing 50,000 words in a month that doesn’t even have the decency to provide 31 days. The trick is to plow through. Don’t stop. Keep spewing words, and don’t pause to edit or doubt yourself.

It’s called shutting down your internal editor. That small voice inside of you that is desperately trying to tell you that everything you write is complete and utter bilge.

It’s hard to quiet that voice, that self doubt, that better angel who is saying, you know, you’re using too many adverbs. But in my current writing adventure, I’ve discovered a force much more powerful and damning than my internal editor.

My external editor.

Let me be clear. My editor is also my dearest friend and writing buddy, and I adore her, admire her tremendously. So when I wrote a scene that was what I call a book-sequel scene, meaning a scene that explains something that happened in my previous book, I thought I’d run it by her. You know, just a quick look to see if I was on track.

She completely garroted it, sweetly, with generous words and copious blood.

Of course, I reacted like anyone would after a garroting–I couldn’t breathe. But then, she did something magnificent. She taught me some rather profound lessons about writing a sequel. Specifically, she told me where to start this bugger.

It’s what I needed to hear. I needed to not write a book-sequel scene. I needed to start my sequel in a place that made sense, so my readers could actually see what was going on, not guess it from my oblique references and Sarah’s emotional instability.

So my word count was low yesterday. (I’m still counting the scene I wrote, may it rest in peace.) I decided to stop and give some thought to this new beginning, and give it fresh start. Three days in. Bless my heart.

But seriously, thank you, Olivia, for not allowing me to write anything less than the best I can do. I’m blowing grateful, if exhausted, kisses your way.

Today’s writing is sponsored by Phil Collins, with a live version of Against All Odds, which is significantly more tolerable than the movie video. This song, because Giovanni was the only one who really knew Sarah at all.



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