NaNo Journal, Day 5

Let’s start with Day 4. Zip, nada, no-thing.

Sometimes I need to be a teacher and grade papers. And sometimes I need to work football games at my high school. And sometimes I go home and collapse in a heap.

But that was yesterday. Today was better.

I struggled mightily with coming up with an opening scene. I wrote one that I didn’t much care for (I’m counting the words anyway). Eventually, my mentor best buddy told me that I don’t HAVE to write it sequentially.


I didn’t write Shadow of the Portico sequentially, and it ended up being quite a job putting it together in some kind of order that made sense. So I didn’t want to repeat that mistake.

Except, maybe that wasn’t a mistake. Maybe the mistake was not having an outline, a road map that covered beginning, middle, and end. In fact, having an outline means I have the freedom to write as ideas they come to me, since putting them together will be much easier with a plan in place.

So okay, I won’t write in order. Here we go.

As if my insecurities were zapped by my newfound freedom, I came up with a better starting scene. I’m pretty sure this one will stick.

And while I’m still a few words behind (6509 / 8335), I’m still in the running.

So today’s song is brought to you by one night stands and Sam Smith.


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