J is for Joiner

As in, I’ll join anything! Follow, follow, follow, that’s me.

I’ll even join a blogging challenge in the busiest time of my school year. April. Days before the U.S. History STAAR test administered here in Texas.

Yes, I teach U.S. History. At an alternative high school where the clientele is, for sundry reasons, slightly more challenging than average.

But I joined. And letters fly by, and I just can’t.

Maybe that should have been my J blog. J is for Just Can’t.

Last weekend, I joined a 5K/5K challenge in my writing group. In a twenty-four hour period, I walk 5k and write 5,000 words.

I was so tired, but I tried. I slogged through words. I walked and walked and walked. And my kid got sick and we ended up in the ER. He’s fine, but my effort failed.

I’m in another challenge where I write every day. But there are days when I’m trying to cut words, not add new ones. And days when I am researching, reading, marketing, editing, and scores of other things that involve no new words.

Like resting.

My joining efforts are increasingly difficult and don’t seem to get me any closer to actually finishing my books, and yet I join anyway.

I wonder what it is that compels us to do this? Perhaps the affirmation received when we succeed. Perhaps that group effort that makes us feel we’re part of something greater than ourselves. Especially since writing is so often a solitary endeavor.

Whatever it is, it sure is making me tired.

So, I wonder, should J be Just Say No, or Just Do It?

Knowing me, it’ll probably be the latter. Every time.



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