O is for One

As in Chapter One.

As in, I’m cheating.

Well, not really, I had intended on putting up my Prologue and Chapter One on the website for those who want a sneak peek of Shadow.

But I’m doing it now because I fell a day behind on my Blogging A to Z Challenge, and this is a nice way to catch up.

I spent yesterday afternoon in the hospital. Again. Trying to figure out why my lungs aren’t up to snuff. Today’s post was almost called “O is for Ospidale,” which is Italian for hospital.

But crap! I’m sick of writing about my lungs, heart, and pancreas. The menagerie of doctors don’t know what’s wrong, but they say it’s nothing of immediate alarm, even if I feel lousy. So, forget it, I’m going back to work. “O is for Over It.”

To celebrate, and because I took today off to shake off the drugs they gave me (O is for Opioids?) I actually finished Shadow 2.0 – The Revision today!

No, it’s not done. There’s a 3.0 coming. But it’s one giant leap closer. I’m very excited!

For now, we’re on One. Chapter One. Giovanni’s life is about to take a rather dramatic turn in a coffee shop, but he doesn’t realize it until he touches her hand.




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