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Starting Book 3

I’ve said it before. Writing is hard.

I’ve been having a rough year in general, and I started a new job that has proven to be a nearly overwhelming challenge, so writing got put on the back burner. Then someone talked me into doing NaNoWriMo.

For the uninitiated, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, when authors take over the month of November and write a 50,000 word novel. Which, for those of us with overwhelming day jobs, is quite the challenge. Probably too much.

But don’t play to win, my friend said. Just play. Just write.

Great advice.

I’ve been stuck on a particularly deep plot hole in my first novel for much too long. Meanwhile, ideas for the third book have been floating around in my head, taking up valuable space and keeping me from moving forward. So, I’ve decided to indulge my brain. If it’s Book Three it wants, then Book Three it shall What You Wish For Draft Coverhave.

Announcing: What You Wish For: The Journeymen Book Three.

No, this isn’t the real cover. But it’s pretty, isn’t it? It’s there to remind me that I’m writing a real book. Sometimes we need that reminder.

Not to spoil things, but my time traveling couple do eventually get together, and this is the story of their honeymoon in Regency England.

I won’t really go deeper than that, since nobody has read the first two books yet. We’ll just leave it there.

Not only is it exciting to have a new project to work on, but apparently the whole exercise of writing regularly again has broken up the clog on Book One: Shadow of the Portico. In other words, I think I figured out how to fix that plot issue.

There are times when I think that I’ll never really learn how to do this whole writing gig well. That I’ll remain an hobbyist, that I’ll never quite have a finished product that I’m proud enough to release to the world. But then NaNoWriMo comes along, and the joy of creation blooms once again.

I hope you, my dear reader, has something like this in your life. Something that makes it all worthwhile, that breathes life into you. I adore my family and friends and thank God for them every day… but that’s not what I mean. I mean that thing that adds a spark into your soul, that makes you so utterly YOU.

May whatever it is bring you unspeakable joy. Never let anyone take it from you. Trust me.


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NaNo Journal Day 7

Not bad… seven days in and I haven’t collapsed in a heap yet, despite the time change.

Today I wrote one of the finale scenes. Yes, I’m taking that whole not writing sequentially thing seriously. But I’m actually following the advice of the Seven Point Story Structure, which says that we want to start at the end.

That may sound counterintuitive, but it makes sense for the same reason that we put the final destination into our GPS. The resolution of a story really defines what the story is about. It’s where the whole thing is going. In so doing, you can write the beginning with the end already worked out.

With that, and speaking of endings, today’s journal is brought to you by Blue October, who has provided a glimpse of what a happily ever after may look like… after.

And if anyone deserves so much happily, it’s Emilia and Niccolo. Well, and other characters, too…

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NaNo Journal, Day 6

Liberated from my constraints about writing in a pretty, linear order, today I wrote all kinds of stuff. I wrote my mood, and my mood was schmoopie.

Having a magnificent husband sometimes puts you in that mood.

Just saying.

So I’m all caught up now. Tomorrow I really have to throw myself into another project–editing my friend’s novella. I’m nearly done, but it may set me back a day or two with NaNo and La Dotta.

But that’s why God created weekends.

Today’s schmoopie writing was brought to you by k. d. lang, and one of my all-time favorite albums, Invincible Summer. We may feature more k. d. before I’m done, just because that voice.

We can say a lot about Sarah’s life in La Dotta… it’s frustrating, infuriating, disappointing, messy, wrong. But Giovanni will never, ever, allow it to stay ordinary, not since he came waltzing in.

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