Soulless Creatures, Katharine Grubb

Being a kid from the 80s (Class of 1984, to be exact), I couldn’t help but love Soulless Creatures. The story premise is clever and original — Roy Castleberry, a disadvantaged kid who is blessed with tremendous charisma, must prove to his well-off, Thoreau-obsessed dorm-mate Jonathan that he has a soul. At stake, a car Jonathan received for his graduation gift. Also at stake is the attention of a sweet girl named Abby who is experiencing life outside her parents’ overprotection for the first time.

The three experience the madness of freshman year at University of Oklahoma in 1986, interspersed with tender moments of friendship, complicated relationships, and Roy’s soul-proving essays that are profound in a way only an 18-year-old boy can make them. Grubb is a little rough on us Texas Longhorn fans here in Austin, I suppose, but it’s okay–the rivalry is real, people. Nevertheless, I’m left feeling charmed and sentimental by this story and these characters she has built. A fun read!

(NB, I am acquainted with the author via social media and received a copy of the ebook in exchange for an honest review. And I honestly loved it!)


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