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A is for April… again

It’s almost comical, my attempts at things like Blogging A to Z and Camp NaNoWriMo.

If you’ve been following my blog or my life for any amount of time, you know how much I love these challenges. Ooh, blog every day for a month! Ooh, write 1700 words a day, despite a full time job and chronic distractions! I can do eeet!

Eh… not usually.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try, and keep trying.

Blogging is particularly challenging for me, because I get rather hung up about what to write about. It’s hard enough for me to message my friends and say, “Hey, how’s it going?” without feeling audacious. Oh, but give me a website and some bandwidth and I’m supposed to opine every single day about life, the universe, and everything?


Ah, but I’m a writer, so I should have all the words.

Okay, yes, I have words. Cogent thoughts are perhaps a bit scarce, but words I seem to have in abundance.

This convoluted and slightly derailed train of thought is how I came up with my theme for this year’s Blogging A to Z Challenge:  Life in All the Words.

So, I’ll be writing about my happy little time travel novels, of course. But I want to pull in some other threads in my life. I feel like it’s important for me to weave all those threads together into some kind of cohesive narrative after what happened to me a few months ago.

(If you want to know what happened, please read the previous blog entry. It’s fascinating stuff I’d just as soon get over and forget.)

Not that real life has a nice, neat narrative (see previous blog entry). Especially not one that comes laid out in alphabetical order and includes the letters Q, X, and Z. But that’s okay, since I’ll probably peter out before I get that far.

The likely inevitability of failing but doing it anyway… that’s basically what life is about, isn’t it?

And if I don’t fail by some miracle or sudden acquisition of perseverance, I hope you’re impressed with what I can pull out of my butt with my sparkly star-studded magic wand. Especially on Q, X, and Z days. Bllllling!

Happy April, everyone, and blessed Easter and Passover. Thanks for stopping by.


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A is for April Attempts and Aspirations

…and apparently, alliterations.

I promise I’ll stop doing that now.

So here we are! April! And here I am. I just can’t pass up a challenge.

Write a book? Sure! Do a blog? Uh, okay, but I don’t really have anything to–

I know, shut up and write. Having nothing to say is no excuse.

Hey, it’s April! And out there in the great expanse of the blogosphere, online diarists everywhere are in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I participated last year and wrote a good chunk of the alphabet. I was pleased with my effort, incomplete as it was, and happy to have information about my books on my website.Blank Wall

This year feels different. I’m kind of staring at a big, white wall. Literally.

The place where I write is empty. Maybe I need some inspiration, color, ideas.

My book is done, but for a few housekeeping details, and ready to send off to my editor. She stands ready with a machete, feel like I’m bleeding already. (Go back and read that last bit out loud. I could be a rapper. I ain’t trippin’.)

It’s a strange feeling. I thought it would be more like childbirth–a lot of huffing and puffing and pain, and then a bouncing baby boy in my arms. I did that twice, so I thought I knew how that went.

The book in my hands is no baby. It isn’t nearly as joyous. I feel very alone. (No, I’m not writing the A is for Alone post, tempting as that may be.)

It feels like an end, not a beginning.

So, maybe what I need is a beginning. I think this will be my theme this year, new beginnings, new inspirations, new pictures on the wall.

Yeah, normal people do this in January, but I was still dazed after my life-altering trip to Europe. Besides, normal? Bah… April it is!

And how about you? Do you have a blog I can visit? Have you thought about starting one? I’d love to encourage you. Let me know in the comments, or just say hi. I’m glad you stopped by.

See you on Monday with “B is for…” Um…

Yeah, I’m sure I’ll have a B by Monday! Can’t pass up a challenge!


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