The Journeymen Series

The Journeymen is a time travel historical romance series currently being developed by Becca MacLean Lyman. It tells the story of Sarah and Giovanni, a couple who meet and fall in love just when each of them discovers they have the extraordinary ability to travel through time. It’s described as a supernatural genetic quirk, and their objective is to act as plumbers of the past, to fix the clogs that sometimes happen when one not careful keeping the time pipes clear.

In the first book, Shadow of the Portico, we meet Giovanni Capello, a man trying to reform his hedonistic life and settle down. It seems like perfect timing when he meets a historian named Sarah MacGregor, who’s sweet, smart, and terribly speech impaired. Their friendship grows, but just as they’re on the verge of falling in love, Giovanni learns that he is a Journeyman, and must leave Sarah behind.

Sarah’s journey continues in the second book, La Dotta, as she discovers her ability to time travel is even more powerful than Giovanni’s, which puts her in danger. Sarah’s whole life has been a lie as an unacknowledged servant of The Journeymen, and she needs to discover what she really wants from life.

In both stories, the Journeymen travel to sixteenth-century Bologna and meet Niccolo Bruni, a notary with a dark past, and Emilia Canigiani, an artist who must beget an heir for her family’s fortune. Niccolo and Emilia move in some of the highest social circles in Late Renaissance Bologna, and intrigue seems to follow them around.

Three more books are planned in the series based on Sarah and Giovanni’s stories. There is also a sequel planned that tells the story of Matteo Bruni, Giovanni’s cousin and best friend. Sarah’s parents, Tina and Doug MacGregor, also have a story to tell in a prequel set in Europe during the Great War. Finally, there are also plans for a novella set during the closing days of the Vietnam War.