Brain Hacks and Christmas Wish Lists

I don’t take nearly as much time as I’d like to read. I do a lot of researching, which requires reading in bits and pieces, but pleasure reading tends to evade me.

That’s a shame, because I’m the pleasure-reader authors dream about. I get lost in the story, fall in love with the characters, cheer and cry and laugh at all the right times. I’m your favorite fangirl.

Those things also make me a terrible editor. Proofreading for errors? Sure, all day. Editing for plot holes and messy character arcs and other problems? When I’m that lost in a story, I can’t see past my tissues. It’s just a big ol’ bag o’ nope.

I digress. It’s my blog, I reserve the right.

So a few weeks back, while casually strolling through the library, I happened upon a time travel novel with a cool cover (yes, we do judge). It was Jodi Taylor’s Just One Damned Thing After Another. I expected it to be not terribly exciting, and it took a while for me to crack it open.

I was oh-so-ever-so wrong.

Turns out, it was the first book in the Chronicles of St. Mary’s series, which I wish I could hook up to my arm like an IV. I’ve just finished book four in the series and I’ve had to pause a bit before I had an emotional and intellectual breakdown.

That’s what books should do to you. In the Writing Excuses podcast for authors, they talk a lot about hacking your brain. I love that phrase! When we read, we are opening our minds to be hacked to turn black squiggles on a white page into a whole story playing in our heads, with all the pictures, ideas, and feels that go with it. It’s really an extraordinary experience if you think about it.

Anyway, I had intended today’s blog to be a wish list of what I want to read in the coming year and planned to send it to all my loved ones just before Christmas. You know, just in case they needed a nudge. But I have digressed, which I again assert my right to do.

Hey, maybe I’ll just throw this out there. Do you have any recommendations for me? I love early modern European history, romances, and time travel. You know, like my novel. I’m open to other genres as well.

What should I put on my Christmas list, provided I make it to the Nice column?

Our collective suggestions will be my next post. Make ‘em good!




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2 responses to “Brain Hacks and Christmas Wish Lists

  1. Ooh, you might like The Syndicate by Sophie Davis. It’s YA, but it’s time travel with romance, and this book they travel back to 1920’s Paris. It’s on my fantastic reads list (and yes, I keep that list in my head). 🙂


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